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Re: Change OID of existing custom Attribute

On 9/27/19 12:34 AM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Thursday, September 26, 2019 11:19 AM +0200 Tobias Hachmer
> <tobias@hachmer.de> wrote:
>> Thanks for the replies, but the database backend is "hdb".
>> Did I move the attributes the wrong way?
> It's likely the related objectClass was also modified in the NIS schema,
> so this is not surprising. You'd need to adjust objectClasses according
> to the changes as well as the attribute list.

Yeah, I recognized my mistake yesterday, also. So, I have tested with
this LDIF: https://pastebin.com/kiHJdwfx

The schema was updated correctly, but the groupMemberShip attribute was
purged from all objects, again.

This are two operations:
1. Delete the attributes + update objectclassin wrong schema
2. Add attributes + update objectclass in correct schema

Is this the problem that the attributes are purged from all objects
after the first operation?

How can I achieve this without attributes get purged from all objects.


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