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Re: N-Way Multimaster with syncrepl and delta-repl - LDAP Server not able to start after configuring

The server needs to be started with the listen with the hostname eg ldaps://su40v315 

On Sep 26, 2019, at 2:10 AM, Oliver Dörr <Oliver.Doerr@shks.de> wrote:


I already found two mail threads regarding my post but they do not help. I'm trying to setup a N-Way Multi-Master configuration following https://openldap.org/doc/admin24/replication.html section 18.3.3 with two masters.(su40v314 / su40v315)

Using my process list I have started my server su40v314  with
root      35523      1  0 Sep25 ?        00:00:02 /opt/symas/lib64/slapd -u root -g ldapadmi -h ldap:// ldaps:// -F /solshg/test2/etc

So I believe that olcServerID should be
olcServerID: 1 ldaps://su40v314:8652/
olcServerID: 2 ldaps://su40v315:8652/

but when I restart the server I get
Sep 26 11:05:40 su40v314 slapd[129788]: read_config: no serverID / URL match found. Check slapd -h arguments.

Same behaviour, if I change the HOST_LIST to "ldap://su40v314:8653/ ldaps://su40v314:8652/"

Any ideas what I missed?