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Re: MDB indices operations (MIT Kerberos with OpenLDAP backend)

--On Wednesday, September 18, 2019 2:41 PM +0000 Дилян Палаузов <dpa-openldap@aegee.org> wrote:


on=0&manpath=OpenLDAP+2.4-Release&format=html (man slapd-mdb) is not
clear about indices.

olcDbIndex A eq
olcDbIndex B eq
the same as
olcDbIndex A,B eq
and is the latter the same as
oldDbIndex B,A eq
?  In the SQL word these are different things and while Postgresql is
supposed to handle "index A,B" and "index B,A" as equivalent, it does
not, so a query has to be tuned to make use of existing indices.

LDAP is not SQL.

All of these are equivalent:

index A eq
index B eq


index A,B eq


index B,A eq


index default eq
index A
index B


index default eq
index A,B


index default eq
index B,A

In all of the above cases, "A" will have an equality index created for that attribute, and "B" wil have an equality index created for that attribute. There are is no concept of "combined" indices for two attributes.



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