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Re: search request not blocked by ACLs

--On Wednesday, September 4, 2019 1:56 PM +0200 Manuela Mandache <manuela3mandache@gmail.com> wrote:

olcAccess: {0}to * by dn.base="cn=admin,cn=config" manage by
 in,dc=example,dc=com" manage by * break
olcAccess: {1}to dn.base="" by * read
olcAccess: {2}to dn.base=cn=Subschema by * read
olcAccess: {3}to dn.subtree="dc=example,dc=com" attrs=userPassword by *
olcAccess: {4}to dn.subtree="dc=example,dc=com" attrs=entry by * read
olcAccess: {5}to dn.subtree="dc=example,dc=com" attrs=cn,mail by * read
olcAccess: {6}to * by anonymous none by * read

On what cn=config entry have you set these ACLs?



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